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licensing liablilities

By Shanghai Sam ·
I was wondering if you might know where I can find resource or information on liabities on IT people who actually install softwares for a company. Let's say if there was software audit to a company and they found out certain licenses was not purchased, whose responsible for what and how far the liabilities of an IT person reaches.


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licensing liablilities

by TheChas In reply to licensing liablilities

Check out the business software alliance web site.
This is the primary group working to enforce software licensing.
You can also check out the licensing section at Microsoft.

Read the ELU for some of the software. I think you may be suprissed by the terms and penalties cited in some of them.

Bottom line, if you are aware of the practice, and assist in perpurtation, you are partially liabel.

The only way to protect yourself is to resign under protest if the company refuses to purchase the required licenses.

If you have serious concerns, you should consult with a lawyer knowledgeable in both labor law, and commercial tort.


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licensing liablilities

by Some Guy in Seattle In reply to licensing liablilities

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer, but...

The responsibility remains largely the realm of the company in which the software in installed. The company (i.e. "the user") is responsible for making sure that all software licenses are properly purchased and accounted for.

However, what if the software was bought through a reseller who also installs it? In this case, the user is still responsible to make sure that the license is properly accounted for. If the reseller charges you for the softwarebut doesn't give you proper licensing information, then there's definitely something screwy there.

The liability is generally on the corporation itself, but any corporation will probably lean very heavily on the one who was responsible....

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licensing liablilities

by jereg In reply to licensing liablilities

I took a software audit class some years back, and i believe that if an inspection happens, they first go to the head of the company. He/she is the one ultimatly responsible for corporate decisions. That said, we know what flows downhill. One or more people would be fired in the IT department while the boss pays the fine. If you are being directed to install software illegally, you must refuse. It really is a small industry, and if word gets around that it's ok with you to load what you want ona network/PC, you may find it hard to get a job down the road.

I work in a small company now, and several people have loaded software on their PC's. All I can really do is tell that it's wrong, and that I can't do it for them, or help them with it. What they do on their own, I can't stop them till we upgrade to W2K, then I lock down the station. If users load software you didn't know of or approve, you'sprobably be ok.

As stated above, check with the SBA. Give them a call, they'd be happyto talk with you. And read the EULA's.
Good Luck.

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