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    licensing questions


    by humpalotagoat ·

    how does licensing work? how does groups like the bsa find out you are not in compliance? random searches? can personal owned computers used at work be audited? i can not seem to find any information anywhere about these topics and my liability. anydocumentation/proof or answers? please?

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      TR Articles

      by thechas ·

      In reply to licensing questions

      Here is a link to a Tech Republic article on setting up a licensing program.

      There are a number of other articles that cover the general topic of software licensing and compliance.

      Whether a home PC, or a Business PC, you are required to have a separate license for each software program installed on each PC.

      Read the EULA carefully for each new program you install.
      Some do allow you to install the software on a Desktop and a Laptop.

      Depending on the software, the items required for compliance verification include:

      The CD itself
      The envelope with the CD Key or software license number
      The certificate of authenticity (Microsoft)
      An invoice

      OEM software may require that a specific piece of hardware be part of the system.

      Have you looked at the articles on the BSA web site?

      While it has a specific slant, they pretty well cover the requirements and impact of not being properly licensed.


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