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By TheProfessorDan ·
I was thinking that an interesting top ten lists would be top technical lies that "they" told us years ago. For instance, I remember a time when technical leaders were trying to sell other executives that technology would reduce the amount of printing a company would do. I haven't seen it and I don't see it anytime soon. Any thoughts?

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We are Supplementing the Workforce....

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to LIES!!!

...through outsourcing 'some' work to offshore consultants.

Of course, this is only two words (replacing & all) from being totally true. In corporate parlance, that is an 83% accuracy rate, and doesn't constitute a lie, per se.

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Creativity is essential for this kind of lie

by TheProfessorDan In reply to We are Supplementing the ...

I kind of see this like parenting. There are times when there are unpleasent things to tell you kids like "Uncle Bob can't make your birthday party because he has to work," when really Uncle Bob got arrested. NotSoChiGuy's scenario is the same thing. Everyone know's that the company outsourcing will be a negative but management always tries to find some form of a positive spin.

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by jfuller05 In reply to LIES!!!

Okay,I know it's not a LIE, but usually consultants will tell the buyer, yeah you get a x amount of speed, when really you get far less than the x amount. Referring to internet connection.
Also, a kilobyte is not really 1000 bytes, but actually 1024, but all IT people know that. The consumer doesn't though. Of course, it's not a fatal lie,

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by adeyemiadeoye13 In reply to Speed?

u have to understand these people are sales people and they are reading through some scripts.

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more like what's the difference between Cloud and Terminal Services

by CG IT In reply to LIES!!!
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by oldbaritone In reply to LIES!!!

Sure, it's hype.

But think back - remember hearing about "get a horse!" because the "horseless carriage" would never make it?

How about "the PC is just a toy. If you need a computer, you need a mainframe."

And of course - "That's ridiculous! Who's going to drive downtown to buy a 15-cent hamburger they could cook themselves at home?"

Don't you wish today that you had bought stock in Ford, Intel, and McDonald's when those nay-sayers were laughing?

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Don't forget...

by jfuller05 In reply to Invest!

Nintendo. Nintendo was just a no-name card company,then they released the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Mario Bros...

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Start buying your music on Cds

by IC-IT In reply to LIES!!!

In a few years the manufacturing costs will drop and music Cds will be cheaper than vinyl is (at the time an LP cost about $9.99 USD).

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MP3s are killing this industry

by TheProfessorDan In reply to Start buying your music o ...

The only reason that I even own CDs is that I can't plug my MP3 player into my car (or at least I haven't taken the time to figure out how to do it).

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MP3s sound just as good as CDs

by NickNielsen In reply to MP3s are killing this ind ...

Now THERE's a lie!

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