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Life after death for my Internet presence

By Madsmaddad ·
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How long after I die (which I hope will not be for a while yet) will my family and executors have to keep all my email accounts and other Internet things alive? For one thing it is going to take them awhile to find the list of all the things where I have been forced to sign up for something in order to get some information and which occasionally send me emails of new responses or advertising.

Or is it a case of wait a month, unsubscribe to anything that comes in during that month, and then disable the email accounts and forget about my Internet presence?

The stimulation for this thought is my 95yr old Mother-in-law who still occasionally finds the email button on her iPad and checks it.

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Death on Facebook

by Madsmaddad In reply to Life after death for my I ...

I am not the only person thinking about this:

Facebook is introducing new features to help grieving friends and family remember you once you die by granting a chosen contact powers to maintain your profile page.
The “legacy contact” feature will allow any Facebook user to pick a trusted friend or family member to be given certain rights after their death. These will include posting a memorial message to their wall, which will remain at the top of the page, and update their profile and cover photographs.
The contact will also have the option to download an archive of all photographs, posts and profile information of the deceased for safekeeping.
But that contact will not be able to log-in as the deceased, and will have only limited powers.
The features will be activated once the trusted contact lets Facebook staff know that the person has died, using a simple online form.

....... and it continues

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