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life after MS in computerscience&engg

By arun_rit5 ·
Respected Sir ,
My query is ,
What will be life after having a MS degree in computer science & engg , from US universities .
As by this present sceneraio rated that it will nearly take 2 long yrs to settle this recession .
My point is if i ll pursue my MS from US universites , then will i get a job , as it is strictly mentioned nowdays that if u r on student visa then u are not allowed to do jobs outside the campus .
Sir i actually want to know , how will i grab some good chances of job after completion of this MS degree . just as a hint sort of i m asking in advance , i dont know much about it , its aftermaths ,
IS that , that all student got placement or how they manage to cope , or get job

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life after MS in computerscience&engg

by Bristar In reply to life after MS in computer ...

If you are going to a university that places you in a job, you are a step ahead of the competition. Most schools only network with companies to see what job openings exists in that field. Your chance of obtaining a career depending entirely on you. Your experience, education as reflected on your resume can get you in the door of a company, then your interview skills will get you hired. Nobody that I know of will hire you strictly on a degree.

There are many ways to gain experience, even with a student Visa, if you look for it. Spend some time surfing, make some phone calls, and check to see what companies have foreign positions available too. Being that you are most likely bi-lingual, you will likely have an advantage in some companies.

Don't worry about the recession, it is highly over-rated and does not even exist in some states. Jobs are always there, you just have to know how to look for them.

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life after MS in computerscience&engg

by sgt_shultz In reply to life after MS in computer ...

yes, just ignore those doom-sayers. your student visa will not get in your way. like previous answer, it is up to you. just go for it. my friend is MS in instructional technology, on student visa from Vietnam, she has had no trouble getting employment, in the computer field! your degree will be very helpful. go for some certifications, especially Linux and MCSE. go live in a place where you can un-stress! you are just a little sheltered in your university. the real world is wonderful, full of opportunites and not to be feared...

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life after MS in computerscience&engg

by PENGUINSRULE In reply to life after MS in computer ...

Well there are people with Masters degrees and many years of experience that you will have to compete with. Whoever told you the economy isn't a factor hasn't been laid off and is out there looking for work. It takes more than just a degree, it takes in depth widely varied experience and credentials. No one degree or certification is THE ticket. I don't know how many people get their MCSE or CCNA and expect the pot of gold to fall out of the sky. It takes a lot more than that to be really great in IT.

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life after MS in computerscience&engg

by Tim Heard In reply to life after MS in computer ...


I'd consider an engineering disclipline that blends well with programming, like computer engineering or electrical engineering. Unless you're a star, though, don't expect to obtain a job right away. You might have to get some sort of fellowship and continue on to get your PhD.

By all means, DON'T got for something like your MCSE or any other certification that you can pick up from one of those certification mills. They will take your money and leave you with nothing.

Also, youneed to make it your top priority to become perfectly fluent in English. Not many will say this openly, but lack of English proficiency could be a major barrier to obtaining a job or advancing once you have one.

The downturn in the economy is very real. However, it's impossible to tell what things will be like by the time you have completed your degree. The odds are that the economy will have returned to full health by then.

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by Craig_P In reply to life after MS in computer ...

Computer Science, Eng degree graduates are over
supplied right now in US. I have many such friends who are working in different careers (ie. Real Estate, Insurance..). Also the trend recently from Big Co's (ie. IBM) is to export high-skill level jobs. (ie. Sw/Hw development, support.. to India). It's a tough reality not only for you but also for us here too.

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