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Life Expectancy of Server/HP LC2000

By crw3000 ·
Have a HP LC2000 server, been online since November 2000. Boss say wait to upgrade! How much longer can this box go? Average life expectancy of servers?

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Equipment age doesn't matter

by stress junkie In reply to Life Expectancy of Server ...

I once worked for a very bright man. I learned a lot from him. One thing that he told me is that if you have the technology (equipment, whatever) to do the work then you don't need to buy new equipment. I completely agree with that opinion. There is no good reason to spend money to replace something that is currently working.

These days there is one other consideration. If you have bought into the scam known as hardware service contracts then the cost of covering old equipment rises over time. Eventually the cost of covering an old computer equals the cost of replacing that equipment and covering the new computer with a service contract. I refer to hardware service contracts as scams because most entry level servers are built from easily replaced inexpensive pieces.

In general, if you forget about hardware service contracts, an old computer can be kept in service until it breaks. If the job that it is doing now gets too big for it then you can put the old equipment into service doing something else. You could always take an old server and use it for network intrusion detection, for instance.

If it works then don't replace it.

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Depends on a number of factors

by JamesRL In reply to Life Expectancy of Server ...

In the computer room not 20 feet away from me, there are 20 year old servers still running and doing useful work.

A server is a number of component parts. Each have differing lifecycles depending on usage and environments.

I used to say alot, and still believe, that its not a question of if your hard drive dies, its a question of when. The other vulnerable component is a tape drive - both have moving parts, are affected by wear etc.

I would suggest if you can get off the shelf disk drives that will work in your old server, it can keep working for a long time. Make sure you can still get tape drives that work with your backups tapes.

All of this works under the asumption that your server is functioning well now, and that there is not anticipated growth or application changes which will require an upgrade. If you need a new server OS, or need more storage space etc. you need to assess whether its worth it to try and upgrade the existing server or buy a new one - it depends on how much work is involved.

You can anticipate. If you have something like an exchange server, you can track usage and look at Microsoft's announcements to see whether or not your server can handle the next release of the software. Its always better to be ahead of the growth curve, delivering additional capacity before it becomes a crisis.

This isn't a simple yes/no question.


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HP is no longer making them and parts are scarce

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Life Expectancy of Server ...

I know because the firm I work for had them until we replaced them with Compaq Proliant Servers. HP will laugh at you if you call them about the LC2000 servers because they are obsolete and have been out of production for a number of years. Now, we are getting rid of those Compaq Proliants and moving to IBM Blade Servers because our lease expires at the end of this year. Yes, the LC2000 will continue to run, but if something breaks, you are screwed unless you got spare parts sitting around somewhere. Don't count on HP dispatching anyone to replace a part unless you have purchased extended maintenance support paks for these servers, which is pointless for such old hardware. If worst comes to worst, you can find LC2000 servers being sold on eBay and many auction sites, which you can buy and use for parts or replacements, but I would strongly advise to stick with current technology if you can.

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The power consumption and size alone should drive you away from this

by deritchie In reply to HP is no longer making th ...

This box uses ~ 4.5A at 120V, or 540 watts of power. You can approximate power/air conditioning costs on a 24x365 box at $2/W/year, so it is costing you ~$1080/year in electrical power to run this. Newer processors are much more power efficient, and with virtualization software it is not unusual to get up to a 15 or 20 to 1 collapse of old infrastructure onto new hardware (based on the software typically found on this generation of equipment (Windows NT or Server 2000)... not to mention that support costs for a new machine ( years) is relatively inexpensive...

I would boot these out of my data center to free up rack space and power...

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to Life Expectancy of Server ...

Hey, I have one of these too. It has been in service since Sept 2000. I have (touch wood) NEVER had any problems with this server at all.

BUT, I will agree with others, that it is near to impossible to get parts. When I started to run out of volume, my only recourse was through second hand dealers, who wanted fantastic prices for SMALL drives. Ridiculous. I ended up buying some drives and using scrapped drive trays from my colleagues in another part of the country.

Anyhow, this server is still working fine and is quick enough in the simple authentication and F&P position it is currently running.

You might want to justify a new server against the fact that you not be able to find parts should you need them. Or that this may not be fit for purpose should you be planning anything better for it. IE 2003

Good luck

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Life expectancy

by tmcclure In reply to Life Expectancy of Server ...

Good question. Cross my fingers, in 10 years the only hardware failure I have experienced was a hard drive. Since it was mirrored, it was not a problem. I did purchase a refurbished drive to replace it.

Since then I am in the habit of keeping an extra drive for all my servers. I also make sure new servers support hot swapable drives.

I also go out of my way to use the same tape drive in all servers.

I have several servers that are six years old that I am reluctant to turn off.

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Still Got One

by cory.schultze In reply to Life Expectancy of Server ...

We still have one - I'm just salvaging parts now. It's still working, but we've recently employed a new SAN virtual network. Know anyone looking for parts?

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