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Life inside of a Computer

By jcummer ·
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A new begining!

by jcummer In reply to Life inside of a Computer

<p>Well, here it is. My techie blog.I am starting this blog to chronicle my professional growth and to share...................oh who am i kidding. I just want a cool place to post geeky stuff! Enjoy everyone!</p>

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Memory Dump!

by jcummer In reply to Life inside of a Computer

<p>Laptop.....$1800<br />Memory for Laptop.....$200<br />Stealing the pictures off the camera of the guy who took the pictures.................Priceless!</p>
<p>This is what happens when your vendor tapes a stick of memory to the inside of a box! <br /><br /><img height="328" alt="Diving for memory!" src="file:///I:/Graphics%20%26%20Photos/Photos/Dumpster%20Diving/dumpsterdiving01.JPG" width="439" /></p>
<p><img height="290" alt="Diving for memory!" src="file:///I:/Graphics%20%26%20Photos/Photos/Dumpster%20Diving/dumpsterdiving02.JPG" width="386" /></p>
<p>We didnt see it in the box amongst the other items we removed so we threw it away thinking it would come in a different box. 3 days later when we realized it was no where to be found, we starting looking in the trash. Needless to say, after sifting through bags of trash and vacume cleaner dust, we found it! Still taped to the insdide of the box! Good thing the trash company hadnt come yet! Oh yea, and the guy who took this picture?........We took his camera while he was away from his desk and took the pictures off! )</p>

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Mental Typewriter

by jcummer In reply to Life inside of a Computer

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