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Lifespan of cooling fan

By nb ·

I've been having a discussion with a colleague regarding the lifespan of a cooling fan. It is two years or 10 years? What are the determinants governing this?

For example, if a unit is being used daily for 10 hours would the cooling fan last five years?

Is there any research/stats on this? Or is it all anecdotal evidence, which is just as useful.


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Lots of factors

by gralfus In reply to Lifespan of cooling fan

Lots of factors figure into the life of a product:
Ball bearings or something else?
Quality of workmanship in construction?
Dusty environment?
Mounted correctly (physical obstructions)?

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All over the map

by TheChas In reply to Lifespan of cooling fan

We run many computers 24/7.

Our most common failure is cooling fans.

We have intake filters on most systems and clean them as part of periodic maintenance.

We see 2 different problems:
The lubricant for the fan bearing overheats and fails.
The bearing wears to the point that the blade can wobble too much, and locks against the fan housing.

Most of the fans we replace have been running for 5 years or more.

We have the most fan failures after a power outage. They just can't spin back up again.

Fan life is controlled by:

Bearing type:
Roller, ball, sleeve

How hot the environment is.

Dust and dirt.

The air at the fan itself should NEVER be hot.
If the air at the fan is hot, you need more cooling.

Roller bearing fans have the longest life.


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How can I clean my fan blades?

by bluestockings In reply to All over the map

I am going to open the cassis and clean my blades. what is the best way to do this. I do not want to ruin my computer

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by ozi Eagle In reply to How can I clean my fan bl ...

The best way is with compressed air. Be careful though that you stop the fan from spinning when blowing air into it, as it generates electricity, which can damage your system. DO IT OUTSIDE as a lot of dust can be blown about. Also cleans the heatsink fins.

Failing a source of air, a cheap artists brush and a vaccuum cleaner do a decent job.

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Cleaning my Cooling Fan

by bluestockings In reply to Cleaning

Thank you so much for your kind reply. You made it sound much easier than HP. they gave me a lot of complicated instructions. I think I can do it the way you suggested. thanks again

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