Lilliput PC-765 (Windows CE 6.0) need help with boot

By elbeberski ·

I have Lilliput PC-765 All-In-One PC Monitor with Windows CE 6.0 and i use third party custom Autorun software with this monitor.

I don't know why but when i start this monitor on, it's getting stucked on loading screen. I have Recovery SD Card for this device with NK.bin so that i can reinstall WinCE on this device, but if i do so it will Hard Reset and all the third party files will be gone.

Is there a way i can return to WinCE Interface or just boot WinCE with sd card or somehow access files on Flash Disk before Hard Resetting the Device?

I tried many things: using USB to USB cable to let PC see this as Hard Drive, using Ethernet Cable, Pressing Reset Button, also did the same thing using Windows XP SP2, Removing and inserting CMOS battery, combinations of buttons to get boot menu or developer menu (pressing and holding Power Button, pressing and holding other buttons plus mixing them etc..).

Now i came up with an idea, if i could install whole WinCE 6.0 on SD Card and just inserted it in monitor i think i would be able to access files after that.

So can someone help me on how to install WinCE 6.0 on SD Card so i can just simply boot whole OS from SD Card thus not deleting any of the files from monitor's internal drive?

Thank you beforehand. Any Help and Suggestions is welcome
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