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LILO & BIOS AV Protection

By yarik ·
Before the installation of Red Hat Linux 6.1 I disabled BIOS antivirus protection. After installation was complete, I enabled it back again and when tried to reboot I received a warning from BIOS AV about boot virus. I suspected that LILO might couse that problem, so disabled protection, boot to Win 98 and ran my AV software. No virus was found, so I just left the protection disabled.
The question is - should it be this way, or I may have a real virus threat?

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LILO & BIOS AV Protection

by Brian Lusk In reply to LILO & BIOS AV Protection

A lot depends on your motherboard's BIOS AV protection. Most of them allow you to say "Yes, the change is expected". This tells the BIOS that the change was OK, and it doesn't bug you any more.

I honestly doubt that you currently have a virus.I have installed Red Hat 6.1 many times and never received a virus from it. Plus, your AV software would have detected a boot sector virus regardless of LILO, if you really had one.

Just make sure you have the latest updates to your virus software and rescan. Other than that, I wouldn't really worry about it.

Hope this helps you!

Brian Lusk

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LILO & BIOS AV Protection

by yarik In reply to LILO & BIOS AV Protection

Thank you for answer Brian, it does clears the situation. Unfortunately my board's BIOS doesn't have that option. I sent e-mail to manufacturer tech support to see if I can get an upgrade.

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