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limit CPU process usage per software

By icelemon ·
ive got a HP Compaq zd7385 model notebook
it shuts itself completely when overheats
its a great function but i must say its a drag when you are rendering 3d images

is there a way to limit CPU process usage for certain software like 3dsmax?
please note im not referring to setting the priority but giving like only use 50% of max CPU for one software

so if anyone knows how to set this please do let me know, thanks.

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by BFilmFan In reply to limit CPU process usage p ...

What operating system is on the laptop?

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by icelemon In reply to

its windows xp home edition!

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by B_Pope In reply to limit CPU process usage p ...

There's two ways of doing this the 1st is via task manager, by right clicking on the process & selecting a different priority. However depending on the program your using when you try to change the priority of the core via the Windows NT/2000/XP task manager this does not affect how much CPU the core gets. The reason for this is that the work is done by the core thread, which is fixed to run at idle priority and is not affected by the task manager priority for the process (which displays as 'normal' by default). In order to change the priority manually users must use a program that allows thread-level priority adjustments.

The 2nd as you've seen is by using a 3rd party software, the only one I'm aware of is called Process Explorer

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by icelemon In reply to

i see. but when we rendering 3d images we normally will leave the machine alone.
which alows 3dsmax having 100% of usage all the time

either way i'd prefer to have 3dsmax to use only 50% of CPU power
certainly degrades the rendering speed at least won't have a complete shutdown

i know Process Explorer, i heard it only outlines you with your system usage?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to limit CPU process usage p ...

i have never heard of a way to do this. but it is not my area.
nice design on the hp. (not). what kinda video you got on there? you sure it is the processor that is overheating?
what have you tried? anything in the bios look good, like unclocking or something?
i am wondering if anything you'd do in windows settyings might be over ridden by a rendering program that might get it's clutches right down into the hardware directly and ignore windows...
i'd be looking into this via compaq. this doesn't sound right to me that you should be able to overheat the thing like is rendernig for hours eh?

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by icelemon In reply to

its extremely hot on the keyboard when it overheats
its annoying when you are into half way of your work and gets a complete shut down out of a sudden

trying figuring out why
i found its a P4-3GHz based system
so i am assuming the problem is from there.

its video card is Nvidia Geforce GoFX5700
i guess thats 2 'hot'-shots there @@"

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by Absolutely In reply to limit CPU process usage p ...

Alternative solution: prevent the laptop from shutting down by cooling it, and keep the processor load fully devoted to your rendering.

There are probably other manufacturers of similar devices, but my research into desktop cooling indicates that Cooler Master makes excellent, easily installable products that cool as well as any of their competitors, or very close.

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by icelemon In reply to

cooler master only works for desktop, hope someday they'll make a cooler for laptops too

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by truthiswithin In reply to limit CPU process usage p ...

Dear Friends,

I found a way to limit CPU usage for a specific process. The answer is here:

But the actual download is here:

Works like a charm for me.

Best wishes,


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by icelemon In reply to

cheers man, thanks!

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