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    Limitations of Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition


    by muthukumar.g ·

    After reading some articles about Microsoft’s new Windows XP Starter Edition, i came to know that it supports only 3 applications at a time in desktop. Will this make any change..? are they introducing limited edition of operating system for webbrowsing, email support, text editing and media player usage..? let us share our views friends..

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      “Developing Technology Markets”

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Limitations of Microsoft Windows XP Starter Edition

      That’s politically-correct-speak for “Third-World countries”. My guess is that this version has two goals.

      1) Improve sales against bootleg versions available in countries where the concept of “intellectual property” doesn’t even get lip service.

      2) Improve sales against low- or no-cost operating systems in those same countries.

      I wonder what languages this OS will support. I’ll bet it won’t support English, Spanish, French, or any other language used in countries where the GDP exceeds the foreign aid received.

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