Limited or no connectivity on one but not on another

By jtankard ·
I have 2 Dell GX620s running XPSP3. One I plug in the ethernet cable and I get Limited or no connectivity-can't get IP address. The other one works fine in the same drop. What setting am I missing?

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by patb071 In reply to Limited or no connectivit ...

What is ipconfig /all showing? what have you done to try and figure out the issue?

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sounds like either static address on the NIC or bad NIC

by CG IT In reply to ipconfig?
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Ahha! Watson, the switch could be in MAC lockdown mode...

by cmatthews In reply to Limited or no connectivit ...

..the admin may only release this because he's the guy that has to move the PC's... (talk about job security)

I have to laugh cause I don't normally enable this, but at one dealership, I enabled this on a Procurve cause the sales people where moving PC's around almost weekly. That fixed'em!

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by jtankard In reply to Ahha! Watson, the switch ...

I set the two up side by side and decided to go through all the settings to see where the difference was (the room has 2 drops.) So the one that was LONC (using the drop where it had LONC) accessed the network. This box had LONC for 3 months and then got it back after I posted. Sometimes all you have to do is ask for help!

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