limited or no coonectivity

By kgraman86 ·
hi this is ram, i have xp sp3 with ADSL connection, yesterday i had problem with net connection, ie my LAN showed limited or no connectivity , i have tried to restore to previous configuration and checked the ip addressing and modem configuration, but gateway was not pinging error timed out,i had reinstalled the LAN card , no use.then i planned to to format the system, then started working, i had the same problem already. may i have the reason , y iam getting limited or no connectivity on lan...p-ls kindly help me.

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It could be many things...

by NexS In reply to limited or no coonectivit ...

- Could be a problem with your Router/Modem (check with your ISP)
- Could be a problem with your network cable (try another cable to test.)
- Could be a problem with your ADSL/Phone splitter
- Could be, as you suggested, a problem with your network card (if you can get your hands on another, just to test, you could try that)
- Or it might even be downtime on your ISP's side. ISP's do sometimes (and sometimes too often) have outages.

Good Luck

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Re:limited or no coonectivity

by ameack In reply to limited or no coonectivit ...

Hi Ram,

As suggested it could be anything.
But to be specific could you please add some mnore Info.
Who is your ISP ? ( Tata Indicom, Reliance, Airtel...)
Which O/S are you using ( XP, Vista, Win7..)

Are you using the modem provided by your ISP or you have bought one yourself.
If so which modem are you using?

Have you found any specific patterns , like when you get a call on your home phone or you when you use the line to make an outside line?

If its when you are using phone line please check the filters and all the jackpoints in your house. Make sure you connect the Router on the Master Jackpoint in your house with a filter attatched.


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