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Limiting access to a P.C. or part of it

By marksit ·
what does a person do to restrict access to area's in a computer.
this is a problem I encounter on a daily basis in the classroom. Any advice would be welcome

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Top-Of-My-Head Suggestions

by dcrowe In reply to Limiting access to a P.C. ...

I'd start by checking out Policy Editor and/ TweakUI. There's quite a bit of control available between these two apps. Beyond that, more information might help give more specific pointers.

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more information

by marksit In reply to Top-Of-My-Head Suggestion ...

I have a classroom of computers and wish to stop students changing paramaters within the computers. also other computers i need to limit access to staff only.

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Centurion Guard

by dcrowe In reply to more information

I demo'ed a product called Centurion Guard. It's a hardware device that allows students to do anything they can imagine to the system, but the system reverts to its original state after a re-boot. Change the desktop, move/remove files (including system files, even format c:. Reboot, and the system is exactly how it was when you locked it down. You can set aside a portion of the hdd for students to save work to that is unaffected by the device.

It is an awesome little wonder! At the time, we were in a purchase "freeze", but as soon as enrollment allows you bet I'll be calling their rep! They offer price breaks for quantity, and will extend the quantity price if you promise to purchase a total of xx devices. Outstanding! Their website is and my regional rep was

About limiting access to staff, have you considered going with WinNT/2000/XP? As true network OSs, they require user authentication before the user to access resources.

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