Limiting amount of mail in Exchange

By chris ·
I need to setup a mailbox to only hold 7 days worth of emails. It is not something that gets checked often and when they do 7 days would be more than enough. How would I set this up on on my exchange server. I only need this for one mailbox.


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Mailbox Management or Auto Archive

by Churdoo In reply to Limiting amount of mail i ...

You can achieve this result in one of two ways -- server side or client side. I'll generalize here and if you need more specifics, you may post back.

To do it completely server side like you're suggesting, you need to add a Mailbox Management Policy under the Recipient Policies of your Exchange Organization. Mailbox Management was added in Ex 2000, so these instructions assume Ex 2000 or 2003.

First you need to come up with a way to differentiate the one mailbox from the rest in order to create the Mailbox Management policy to affect just the one mailbox, because obviously you don't want this policy to apply to all of your mailboxes. It's fairly simple to stick a value in one of the Exchange Advanced / Custom Attributes / extensionAttributeXX variables of the mailbox user props, and create the Mailbox Management Policy to apply to objects with the dummy value that you stick in one of the respective extensionAttributeXX variable. Or there are many other ways to single out this mailbox ... by group membership, even email addy, etc.

Anyway, in the Mailbox Management policy, you can specify the aging of items in any/all of the Mailbox folders, and to auto delete.

Once set, you turn on the Management policy in the properties of the Server, under ESM / Administrative Groups / your administrative group / Servers / your Server / Properties / Mailbox Management tab.

An alternative solution to run this process CLIENT side instead of server side is to setup Outlook on some slave on the network to attach to this mailbox, with Tools / Options / Other / AutoArchive configured to run every 1 day and DELETE all messages older than say 7 days. This will effectively gain the same result.


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