limiting bandwidth on wifi router

By fahadccna ·
i want to know is there a way to limtit the bandwidth for users on wireless routers.
(any router).

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I'd like to remove 3 cylinders on a 4-stroke car engine...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to limiting bandwidth on wif ...

But, before I succeed in destroying the main camshaft, perhaps I ought to ask myself - WHY?

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I can think of why....

by JamesRL In reply to I'd like to remove 3 cyli ...

You set up a nice home network. You pay for the gear and the ISP. And you can't play your games, watch youTube or download..whatever, because the other users are trying to do the same. You want to restrict their ability to use up more than X% of the total bandwidth.

I've heard of higher end routers that can do this but no names off the top of my head.


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Yeah, but that is a social problem , not hardware

by OldER Mycroft In reply to I can think of why....

If the network users can't agree a timetable of access times, then the hardware should be removed completely until such time as demarcation rules can be agreed.

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But they use HW to enforce the rules

by JamesRL In reply to Yeah, but that is a socia ...

You can with router settings on some routers put limits on % of bandwidth you allow each to use.


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Fair enough! ... What can we argue about next ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to But they use HW to enforc ...

We'll just let the fates decide...

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The context

by JamesRL In reply to Fair enough! ... What can ...

And I'm genuinly not trying to be argumentative (Ya old git!), I'm trying to be informative.

I remember reading in a thread on another messageboard about someone who was trying to play a specific online shoot 'em up while their spouse was downloading files. The shoot'em up doesn't need lots of bandwidth per se - the traffic isn't huge. But latency is a big issue. Once the ping times get over 200 ms you may be aiming at something thats no longer there. The way to reduce it is to limit the badnwidth available for the other users.

Used to be in the good old days of b routers, all you had to do was to put the "other" users on wireless and make sure you are on a direct cable connection. But now with faster have to work harder.

Of course you can always spend the money to either buy a second internet connection and dedicate it, or buy one of those routers which will alllow you to share 2 internet connections across on subnet - most of them have the ability to program the router with rules which allow you to restrict bandwidth to some users.


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You Could

by The Scummy One In reply to limiting bandwidth on wif ...

turn the power down considerably on the router. This will lower the data rates of anyone connecting.

But the drawback would be the distance would suffer as well.

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Google is your friend

by Bizzo In reply to limiting bandwidth on wif ...
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Questions, first

What is the make/model of the existing Wi-Fi router? It maybe possible to alter its configuration to control bandwidth per user.

There are alternative hardware and software options available to you, such as the one mentioned earlier by a member. Before mentioning any of the possibilities, it would be best to know more about the network.

1. A single AP or are multiple radios involved?
2. Upper accumulative bandwidth required per AP, per system controller?
3. Existing Internet access and data rates?
4. Future growth plans?

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