Line of sight broadband

By DaveMarriage ·
Anyone have any experience with Line of Sight wireless broadband access. I have one property with satellite internet and the latency is soooo bad that I cant use pcanywhere or any remote software. Just curious if the Line of Sight internet was the same or not considering the distance from a tower to my property and a satellite in space to my property. I'm hoping that there will be less latency than satellite. If it is the same I will pass... Thanks!

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line of sight

by TheVirtualOne In reply to Line of sight broadband

line of sight is better as long as you can see the tower. Its more like regular wireless internet that you take outside with no walls or interferences.

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Depends on a few factors

by The Scummy One In reply to Line of sight broadband

what frequencies are being used and Line of sight is RF or visual?
There are also things like what encryption and transmission is being used for data integrity.

But in general, a visual LOS or good RF LOS with little to med. overhead should be quite fast.

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