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Line of Sight communication

By buschman_007 ·
My company is growing and wants to open a small office in the next building. I have never employed line of sight communication and was wondering if any of you guys could give me suggestions. I figure we can buy two dishes, point them at each other and wire them up to the offices and let the data flow. Obviously I'm over simplifying. I'm looking for real world advice on vendors, competing technology, problems, and personal expereince.

Any help you can give on this subject would be appreciated.


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How far do you have to go?

by tbragsda In reply to Line of Sight communicati ...

I used a Cisco Aironet Bridge, and had no problems.

11Mbps. We connected two buildings <50' apart, but it says it can do 20+miles!

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by buschman_007 In reply to How far do you have to go ...

I'm guessing around 100-200 yards. Certainly under 20 miles.

Are you happy with your system? How difficult was the setup? Do you notice any performance loss in rain or inclimate weather?

Thanks for the input,

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Don't use it now, but...

by tbragsda In reply to

Was very happy with it. Setup was very easy. No problem with rain etc.

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Line of Site

by watsonm In reply to Line of Sight communicati ...

Make sure your antennas are directional ( I recmd. a parbolic grid with about 23 dB gain) and you should have no problems with 200 yards. Make sure your the access points you use support bridge or multi bridge modes. If you want to go farther you will need to add amplifiers, I have links up to 30km with 1 watt. Hyperlink Tech. sells everything you need including a complete kit.

Good Luck

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