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Line Speed of Modem

By jmm_icmc ·
How can I directly regulate the line speed of the newer modems? The earlier modems did this by the S37 register, the the new modems no longer support this. Anyhow it seems impossible to get a detailed list of modem commands.
The reason this is needed is because in third world countries the modems often connect at too fast a speed for the telephone lines they are running on. As the consequence there don't work very well. If they connect at a lower speed all is fine.
Incidently, changing the speed in the windows modem setup doesn't seem to help.

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by valis In reply to Line Speed of Modem

hrm, are you sure you have the checkbox marked "only connect at this speed" checked?

for example, go to the dialup networking panel, right click on the connection you are using, select properties. under the "connect using" where it shows the modem, click "configure" , there you will see the modem speeds, change that lower, and make sure "always connect at this speed" is checked.

hope that helps,


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by Flash00 In reply to Line Speed of Modem

I think all modern modems are designed to negotiate the highest speed that will work for them when they initiate the connection. That's what all the weird tones are for; the modems are testing the lines. If you override this feature and force the modem to connect, or try to connect, at too high a speed for the lines, well, you can guess what happens.

Start with the default settings for all the modem configuration commands and see if it works.

Of course, if the modem you are trying to connect to is not cooperating, perhaps because it is old or wasn't well designed, then you'll have to tinker with the settings.

Many modem commands are "standard," but manufacturers also have special ones which only work with their modems. You can find lists of commands on the internet. Try googling "modem commands." Good luck.

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