Lines across the Screen

By Heian ·
I have a KN3 SLI2 Extreme Mobo with an AMD Athlon64 4800 w 2gb of OCZ memory a 700 watt power supply and Nvidia 8600 GTS video card. Once the system boots up lines start to scroll across the screen. I've tried all of the equipment in other configurations (other PCs with different Mobos) to insure that the issue could be limited to this motherboard. How can I repair this motherboard to remove those lines? I've tried both PCI-E sockets to no avail, I've upgraded the bios to the latest level from ECS. I've tried different Power supplies and the lines have decreased, as the power supply amount increases. But they are still there, I appreciate any assistance/suggestions that anyone is willing to provide.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Lines across the Screen

If you unplug most everything but the boot hard disk and video card, does the issue go away? If so, you have a power issue and need to either get more power or reduce consumption.

Have you checked to make sure you aren't getting RF infterference from somwehere? See this CNet forum for some ideas http://forums.cnet.com/5208-75**_102-0.html?threadID=319689.

Have you tested the system with another montior?

What if you choose a different pixel count for display?

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Good ideas..

by Heian In reply to Thoughts

I've tried unplugging everything except the Video Card and HD, although it did reduce the amount of lines it did not go away. I have tested the system with a 17 inch Flat panel and a 22 inch flat panel, from both DVI and with a DVI to VGA converter (8600Gts). No difference! I did try different resolutions, if that is what you mean by "different Pixel count", if not then I am unaware of that setting. Good stuff, keep it coming, thanks. And I'll read the article and reply afterwards...

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Interesting article, I'll try it...

by Heian In reply to Thoughts

Interesting article, I'll try a few configurations and let you know...

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Okay, I tried it...

by Heian In reply to Thoughts

and nothing changed.

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Is it

by Jacky Howe In reply to Lines across the Screen

doing it in Safe mode?

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Hadn't tried that one...

by Heian In reply to Is it

However, I have now and it is doing it in safe mode also. Thanks for the reply.

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I'm wondering if there is ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Lines across the Screen

Some problem with the 8600's power input.

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Wow!!! Thanks for the Reply

by Heian In reply to I'm wondering if there is ...

I've seen this "Handle" around the internet in several places that I've looked for help (generally around NVidia boards and forums). It's an honor! To be honest, I have had some problems with the 8600 GTS. Occasionally, upon boot one of the cards (I've tried 3) refused to boot up and then responded. When tested with a Gigabyte board, it did the same thing and gave three beeps. When I checked the code it identified the Video card as the culprit, I tried a different 6 pin power connector and haven't seen that problem again. The other two cards were running a little hot (around 55 to 62 Celsius), so I removed the stock fan cleaned them and put ceramique (Arctic) on. I purchased a dedicated fan (PCI-Thermal Take) and placed it adjacent to the PCI-E Video card. They (the two processes) relieved the heat issue at least noticeably and during games. (Crysis / Warmonger / Halo) Is there a way to test this?

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