Lines missing from Word print jobs

By somethinggood4 ·
I have a vbs script that automates our daily report printing that calls a macro in Word and prints files to the default network printer. Every so often, the reports will be missing lines at the bottom of the page, seemingly at random. It's very embarrassing to hand over reports to your boss that are missing important information!
All the macro does is open a text file, format it and print to the default printer... a re-run of an individual file will usually produce the correct report, as the underlying files are not affected.
Is there any reason a print job will just randomly decide it doesn't want to print some lines?

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what version of Word? What printer? and what printer driver

by sgt_shultz In reply to Lines missing from Word p ...

those are all the things that I'd consider as sources.
I have had a similar problem with inkjet printers that won't print all the way down or to the edge as much as a laser printer.
the fix was to create a custom paper size a little smaller than normal. then it worked.
fwiw hih

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Word 2002

by somethinggood4 In reply to what version of Word? Wha ...

To answer your questions, Word 2002, A Panasonic DP2500, with the same driver (PCL, I think). NEW WRINKLE: When I said "randomly" before, I wasn't aware of the pattern, but now it seems that when this happens, it happens consistently to Page 5 of whatever I'm printing. Bizarre.

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