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link Access Tbls, auto-populating

By dgrimes ·
please answer partII Q's

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Q. I have created several tables and a query in MS Access. I have populated the tables and have several of them linked. However, when I type in a record to one table the linked tables are not being populated. Thus I am continually going back and typeing the record for one person into all the tables. There must be a way to type the record into one table and have the information fill in the columns of another record.


Part II
I?m going to try to be more specific on this follow-up of my last Q.
Below is a picture of the pertinent tables;
not able to transfer pic (is there a way to do this?)

Here are the tables and the categories I want to all be linked to change together;

Participant entry table:
First name, last name, user name, etc.
Individual student skills:
student ID #, student name, skill ID #, skill name, level, event
Level One skill list:
skill ID#, Name, level, event
Level Two skill list:
skill ID#, Name, level, event
Level Three skill list:
skill ID#, Name, level, event
Class list of students:
class ID#, class type, student ID#, first name, last name

My two main questions are this;

1) When the ?Student ID #? is populated in the ClassListofStudents Table, I would like the students first and last name (FNm and LNm) to be filled in (from the ParticipantInfoEntry Table?).
The join from ParticipantInfoEntry Table to IndivStudentSkills Table is a 2 type join with Ref Int. and cascade pdate. The join from the IndivStudentSkills Table to the ClassListofStudents Table is a type1 with Ref. Int.

2) How can I have the ?level? and ?event? from the GL1SkillList Table be filled into the ?level? and ?event? from the IndividualStudentSkills Table when the ?skill name? is populated on the IndividualStudentSkills Table?
(currently joined on the name, I should likely link them on skill ID#) What type of link should I use? Ref Int? cascade update?


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by DKlippert In reply to link Access Tbls, auto-po ...

You are violating some precepts of Normalization.
Data should be entered only once.
The Student table should contain first name etc. and have a primary key like Student ID#. From there on, the student is only referenced by that ID#. If you want to see the name displayed, use a query and or Form to display multiple tables.
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