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    link load balancer


    by xiaitmb ·

    Have heard that a link load balancer can help with combining 2 incoming lines to give a combined bandwidth. let me know if this is incorrect?
    Question is can these 2 lines be of different types, that is, 1 internet leased line, the other ADSL line? or it need to be both of the same type?
    Any recommendation of a reasonable one, in terms of performance and price?

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      Reply To: link load balancer

      by chris910 ·

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      Cisco calls this an etherchannel and both lines must be identicle

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      It can be of 2 different kinds

      by feliciaisn ·

      In reply to link load balancer

      I’m using a product that combines both my adsl line and my wireless broadband into 1 combined bandwidth. Pricing wise, quite affordable too.

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