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By colesbraxton ·
I have a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets. I want to run conditional formatting/highlight cell rules/duplicate values to mark duplicate data (item numbers). The worksheets are labeled by month and there are 12 of them. For instance, if on sheet 1 (january) in cell B617 the number is 23466778 I want to see if there is the same number on any of the worksheets. I use ctrl f, then find all, and so far it will only check the active worksheet.

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re Link worksheets

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Link worksheets in Excel

CTRL+F and then click Options to switch to search WORKBOOK instead of SHEET. To do anything else, you'll need to write a macro to do it for you.

But, what has that got to do with LINK worksheets? Links are for calculated values based on values taken from other workbooks. If everything you want to look at is in the same workbook, you don't need links.

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by colesbraxton In reply to re Link worksheets

You are correct, I just didn't know how to title my request. I followed your suggestion and it worked like a charm.

thank you

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