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    linked formulas


    by mbennett ·

    More detail on my first question. I have one workbook with 25 workheets for 5 employees, 15 catagories on each, representing 5 potential work periods for each day. At the end is a total sheet to tally the daily totals.
    The second workbook is linked to pull out the numbers from the total sheet on each daily workbook. Need to copy the formula and keep the relational stuff that does works when you are working inside one workbook

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      linked formulas

      by dklippert ·

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      Here’s the spreadsheet. There may be a more elegant solution, but first open all of the workbooks.
      Type the equal sign in the first summation cell and then go to Window and locate the first sub workbook. Click the cell and then type +. Do this witheach workbook until you have a formula that looks like:
      ='[Dec. 6, 2001.xls]TOTALS’!$B$6+'[Dec. 7, 2001.xls]TOTALS’!$B$6+'[Dec. 8, 2001.xls]TOTALS’!$B$6+'[Dec. 9,2001.xls]TOTALS’!$B$6

      Remove the Absolute indicators ($’s). Now copy that formula.Select all of the destination cells holding down the Ctrl key. Now Paste. The formulas will adjust themselves.

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