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Linked to image files in Access 97

By inquisitive ·
I have linked to about 200 images files from within a table in an Access 97 Database rather than inserting the entire image into the table. I then reference that table from within a form. An image opens only when selected. The reason for this was tosave some storage space, and to keep the database to a smaller footprint. However, even though the images (xxxx.pdf) files are linked, the database has grown to at least 4-5 times the size as a result. From approx 80MB to 420MB. Am I missing something here or is Access smart enought to pre-allocate the space required to open the images? My next move is to create another database and a table to house the images then link to that database from within a Form rather than access the table within the same database. That should at least keep the size down on the main database. Any clues as to why this is happening? Compact only reduces about 10 %. Thanks.

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Linked to image files in Access 97

by ananthap In reply to Linked to image files in ...

Not sure what you mean by linked. If you have given only the address, then you must have a front end (say ASP) to read the data. That wouldn't account for the growth.

However, in Access other things could. Like frequent deletion and addition of records. So in access, you are advised to compress the data base using the built in command.

Pplease try it.


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by inquisitive In reply to Linked to image files in ...

Yes, compressing doesn't do anything. The link is used when inserting an object into the table. Rather than inserting the acutual object, you can "link" to the folder where the object resides. that way if object is altered in any way the newest version is always displayed from within the database that has the "link" inserted.

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