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Linking 11 Offices

By Chilli_Willie ·
I am building a network (trying) for 11 Eye doctor's offices. I need to link all thieir patient records for searching as well as develope a method for scanning certain documents to be seen by all the doctors in the group to see.

I need to make sure it is secure and all the offices are on wireless DSL connections.

Any one have any suggestions on where to start??


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Service lines

by TheChas In reply to Linking 11 Offices

Start by checking with the local service provider to verify that DSL is available at all locations.

They may need to install ISDN or alternate dedicated lines to some offices.
Work with the provider to devise the optimum service to each office.

Next, choose a location to be the main office and host a file server there.
Ideally, this will be the existing main office.
However, for optimum performance it should be the office with the fastest connection.

Remember that at least the server office MUST have SDSL at a sufficient uplink speed to service the other offices.

For security, you should at least look into setting up a VPN between each office and the file server.

As far as wireless access goes, choose a good wireless router and pay close attention to proper antenna location.
The last thing you want to do is provide an access point to nearby offices or parking lots.
Make sure to set up the security settings on the access point.

Then, you need to train the users to store files on the server and not their local hard drives.

At least this is a place to start.


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looking for a little more

by Chilli_Willie In reply to Service lines

Thanks but I got the basics covered. We have DSL in each office and I have decent routers in each office (budget issues) In the process of selecting a new POS System. Just trying to make sure I dont miss anything on the way.

Home office is where everything will be I already have space set-aside and we have a T1 installed.

Any sugestions on literature or guides for setting up efficient and secure VPN's

Thanks Again!!

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