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linking form windows

By jrperk ·
I've got 2 form windows that fill from database fields. The content in one field refers to specific paragraphs of content in the 2nd field. I'd like to link the scroll bars on the forms so that one scroll bar controls the scroll rate in both windows, thereby keeping the comments in one field in line with the paragraphs to which they refer in the 2nd field. Is there any way to do this? I could eliminate the scroll bars totally by making the form window huge but that's an extreme solution.

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What language & what environment

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to linking form windows

Not something I've ever tried to do, but I could probably come up with a couple of things to try. You haven't got a prayer if it's VB though.

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by jck In reply to What language & what envi ...

sounds like a challenge...hehe...done VB for years. I could probably figure a long way around it...but, it'd probably take too loong if he's in a hurry. I'm no guru, but I'd be willing to try.

waiting to see what he says...

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Well I was thinking after

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to that

I posted and realised that there might be a way round it, but I've a feeling it would take a considerable amount of effort before you could post with any confidence. Even in my favourite environments I'd have to have a good think about it.
I know tree view has a method for making an item in it visible within the scroll window, but I don't remember seeing one exposed for grids, list boxes and especially not forms.

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by jrperk In reply to linking form windows

this particular page was created by ms frontpage so the language is javascript, microsoft version. it's being filled by data from a sqlserver2000. I could create the page in vb (newby but can struggle through modifying someone else's page) but haven't seen a need to do that since everyone tells me vb won't work. what i'm trying to do through the web is something that i've seen done in msword -- to post comments to and otherwise make suggestions/edits/whatever to a written article. The goal is to line up the comments with the paragraph they refer to, without having to create forms that stretch for 800 or more lines (to avoid the scroll bar problem.)

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A Web Page

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to language

A quick hunt with my Google Gun potted this wee beastie which might give some clues.

He talks about popping up another page when you've scrolled half way down the one you are on.
Not tried it, but should give you some clues on what questions to ask.

When you've found some way of identify what item(s) are visible within the scroll window, using frames or a named window you should be able to jump straight to the corresponding item with a local anchor or potentially set the scroll bar position in the other window if it's accessible. Bear in mind that if the items in the two windows are different heights or potentially different fonts etc you'll have to calculate where it should be in the other window though.
You could use css to cast that in stone and auto resize the windows by to the size you can cope with, but people with a different screen resolution or who like big text because of failing eyesight might not be able to use your stuff.
If you use frames at least both 'windows' will have the same properties even if they arre not what you planned on !

Best O'luck.

Try and wean yourself off frontpage though, it will hinder you more than it will help.

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