Linking Forms to create one overall record

By 02tones02 ·

I am completely new to MS Access however, I've been learning my way through. I have created several tables that are linked via a primary key of "patient ID." Unfortunately, whenever I try to place all the fields from each of these tables onto a single form or even a multiple tab form, the "wizard" says that I am "Out of range." I think that means I cannot add that many fields using the wizard.

So, I've created 3 forms; each containing a multitab form with approx. 4 tabs each. Is there a way to link the forms so that when I type in a unique patient ID in the first form, that patient ID is carried throughout the other 2 forms thereby create one large record for that particular patient?

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Look up

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Linking Forms to create o ...

Master Detail

That aside I think you need to reconsider your form design.
The mere description of it makes me nervous. You've obviously normalised so got at last some segregation in your data, but your are effectively undoing it in your forms.

Personally I'd be trying to carry the separation through for instance a button on the main for that loaded up a form that only stored that entity's address.

Doing everything in one place like this will turn in to a maintenance nightmare.

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thank you

by 02tones02 In reply to Look up

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I looked up Master Detail and found a great tutorial website that explained exactly what I was "attempting" to do.

Best regards

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New problem

by 02tones02 In reply to Look up now I built a completely new database that consist of only 10 tables instead of the original 30 (what a mess). Presently, I'm trying to link the child field to the master field, but i've encountered a problem.

The Master field (table1) is joined to table 2 via "one-to-many" linkage with referential integrity checked off. My primary field for each table is an autonumber field that creates a random serial ID. The field below that is and indexed (Yes (no duplicates)) field and is a unique # to each patient (which i've been using to link each table).

I am able to link Table 1 to Table 2 to Table 3 all in a one-to-many join. But, when I try to link table 3 to table 4, the one-to-many join goes in the reverse direction which I cannot change (or at least it seems so).

I have tried to do a second join between the master field and table 4 which resulted in a "one-to-many" which is good...but, when I open the master field in datasheet format, I can only expand it to reveal Table 2 which expands to give table 3. I cannot expand the masterfield to give table 4.

Is there a limit in MS Access to how many master/child links you can make?

Overall, my goal is to have one master field that links to another child which links to another child, etc.

For example,

Keep in mind, in the illustration below, Masterfield = table1
child1 = table 2
child2 = table 3

all the way to the 10th child.

Is it possible to open up the masterfield in datasheet view then expand to child 1, which expands to child 2 and so on until the 10??

Thanks again,

I hope my question is coherent.

Best regards,


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