Linking invitee list of recurring appointments to a SharePoint Contact List

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I facilitate a community of people. We have monthly webinars. The community members change frequently, usually additions, but occasionally deletions. I have an "Other Contacts" list in my Outlook that is linked to a SharePoint Contact List which is the primary source of membership information. I used an Outlook distribution list I created from the Other Contacts list that is based on the SharePoint list when I sent a recurring meeting appointment for each month for the year.


I need to keep the list of invitees on the recurring meeting appointment up to date with the contact list. I first deleted all the email addresses and replaced them with a refreshed list from the SharePoint site or from the dist list. The result of this was that everyone got a "this meeting is cancelled" message followed by a new invite. This caused a lot of confusion as some people noticed the cancellation message and didn't answer the new invite, resulting in low attendance at meetings.

So - I must resort to manually looking to see what the additions and deletions were and then removing and adding individual email addresses from the calendar appointment. This is the only way I can think of that does the job without confusing everyone.

Ideal solution:

Ideally, I would be able to link a recurring calendar appointment to something that changes as the SharePoint Contact List changes, whether that is an Outlook dist list (local or global) or some other object, and the recurring calendar appointment would be automatically transmitted to those who add themselves to the SharePoint Contact list, and remove emails that were deleted.

Technical problem:

Of course, dist lists area disassociated from their source once they are created, and so have to be recreated anytime the source is changed.

To make it worse, calendar appointments are also disassociated from their source (the dist list) once THEY are created.

The only thing that is not disassociated is the Contact List in Outlook and the SharePoint Contact List, and I have recently had problems with even that not automatically refreshing.

Any thoughts about how to accomplish what I need (a recurring appointment that refreshes the addressee list based on changes to a membership list in SharePoint) would be much appreciated.

As I write this, I realize just how impossible this seems!

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