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linking Mac OS9x and Win XP Prof.

By NEH ·
Something tells me I may be attempting the impossible here. But here goes.

I'm by no means new to mac or windows. Regarding networking, however, I'm as green as they come.

I'm attempting to link a compaq sp700workstation (XP Prof) to a biege Apple G3(OS 9.2.2).
My goal is to enable both machines to access the
internet via a single modem, and share files.

Both machines have NIC cards (built-in ethernet for the mac, compaq NC3161 fast ethernet for the windows workstation). I'll use (if I can) an Asante 16 port ethernet hub (FH10T16). I've learned that I'll need either machines IP address to configure the networking protocols for either machine. Incidentally I'm using a broadband modem (cable).

Do I have everything I need? And having all I need is it a simple procedure or will I need prescrip-
tion lenses and have a pinched nerve somewhere in my neck for all my troubles?

Any help at all will be seriously appreciated!

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by rindi1 In reply to linking Mac OS9x and Win ...

how is the modem connected to the PC? Via Lan cable or via USB connector? If it is a ethernet modem you will need another NIC for the PC to which you connect the modem directly (probably needs a crossover cable, depends on the modem, though).

Now, once you can surf the Internet with your pc (if the modem is USB, you will have to install modem software). Now either your USB connection or NIC will show up as an active lan connection if you right click "My Network Connections". Right Click this adapter and open Properties, make sure file and printer sharing is turned off, click the advanced tab and turn Internet connection sharing to on, you can then select which services you want to open and which not.

When this is done, use OK to close that connection. Now right click the other, inactive interface which is connected to the hub (to which your mac is also connected). Also select properties. Use Install to install the Apple talk Protocol (I'm not sure if you need this with your MAC OS). Make sure file and print sharing is set to on, then select Internet Protocol tcp/ip and click on properties. use the following ip address should be turned on.
Now enter the following address:
Ip Address
Subnet Mask
you can leave the gateway empty
Under DNS server enter your providers DNS server address (you should be able to find it somewhere on his homepage, or you can open a command prompt on your pc and enter ipconfig /all. in the listing you get you should also see the ip address of your dns server, so enter that.

Now you only need to enter the appropriate addresses on your MACs NIC. Look up your manual on how to do that.

the ip Address of your MACs nic should be, the netmask, the gateway is the ip address of your PC (
and the dns servers are the same as you entered on your PC.

You should now be able to browse the web ith your MAC as well.

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by razz2 In reply to linking Mac OS9x and Win ...

While the first answer would work, lets save those

Your description indicates to me you do not have a
cable dsl router firewall. This is a BIG mistake.
According to the latest Internet Storm Center study, a
virgin PC on a dedicated connection will be
compromised within 20 min.

The recommended config would be to purchase a
router/firewall. Since you are using a 16 port hub I will
guess there may be more machines, but if not you
could loose the HUB. The router will contain a switch
anyway. They can be had for $60 - $70 or so. More
ports and the price goes up. I like linksys for home
users, but Netgear or the others are fine.

Have the CABLE go into the modem. Connect the
modem to the WAN port on the firewall using Ethernet.
Connect all machines to the switch LAN ports on the
router (or to the hub and uplink the hub to the router).

Now for the connection. Follow the router instructions to
get online. Cable is usally not PPPoE so you may
allready be on. The only hard part is that some cable
companies do use NIC MAC Address'. So you may
need to use the routers Clone MAC address feature to
spoof you nic's MAC address. I have found though that
if you reset the modem it will usually take the new MAC
from the router anyway. If not just clone it.

It sound longer but it is easier and safer.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to linking Mac OS9x and Win ...

if you have a broadband router designed to share your internet, you're in. you use smb to share files, it is spelled out at easy. sharing the internet is even easier, just plug both machines into broadband router if your router supports it. (if enuf lan ports.). if you do not have enuf ports on router then you will have to purchase and install a switch like linksys 4 port workgroup switch for $40. see for step by step how to docs

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