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    Linking MS-Excel Spreadsheet


    by tptbusines_98 ·

    I’ve inherited an MS-Excel 97 spreadsheet, as a data-entry sheet. I need to import & link the spreadsheet into an MS-Access 97 database.
    I need to keep the spreadsheet as a “data-entry” sheet, because of the mass amount of data it contains, & the number of people using the spreadsheet. 1. How can I link the spreadsheet to an MS-Access 97 database? 2. Is it possible to convert the spreadsheet to be Internet/Intranet compatible?? 3. If it is possible to convert the spreadsheet, how & how do I maintain the link to the MS-Access 97 database??? Can someone point me to an example/sample(s) of my request???

    Thank you,
    Charles L. Phillips

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      by davebkelly ·

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      I am thinking back now as I have not used 97 for quite a while but I think that It is possible to link Access tables to external data.

      1, Make a note of the network path of the spreadsheet.
      2, Open a new database
      3, Goto File / Get External Data / Link Files.
      4, Then find your spreadsheet.
      5, You should see a formatting type wizard to help you format the link properly.

      This should show up in your Access tables as an Excel spreadsheet and any changes made to the spreadsheet will then be reflected in Access. However, look out for file locks !!!

      I am kind of sure that this will work in 97 for you but like I say, its been a little while since I used it. If not……Upgrade !!!

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      by tptbusines_98 ·

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      “Thank You”, but will this apply for Internet/Intranet…

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