Linking several worksheets to a results sheet

By generalgort ·
I have several worksheets in a workbook, and I want to be able to include a worksheet that includes the results from similar cells in each worksheet, for instance have a column for the C1 cells from each of the other worksheets, another for D6 etc. hopefully this would save the long task of collating and adding up each lot of data.
Also, is it possible to insert into the 'results' worksheet, the other worksheet names automatically? I have used the date and then A, B etc. IE 030609A, 030609B, any help would be appreciated,


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re Linking cells in sheets

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Linking several worksheet ...

In your 'results' sheet, place the cursor in a cell that you want a tally from another sheet, type the equals sign, then use the cursor to navigate to the sheet you want to pull the tally from and click the mouse in the cell which holds the tally, then press enter. You will be returned to the cell where you just typed in a formula which looks something like this:


Yes, it's that easy.

edited to add: That's not called linking, it's called referencing. Linking takes place when you want the values from another sheet in another WORKBOOK.

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by generalgort In reply to re Linking cells in sheet ...

Thanks ThumbsUp2,

Yup, you're right, it is that easy, thank goodness for people like you who can help people like me.

It has now given me enough ideas to be able to complete my project, can I do the same or similar with workbooks? I will have a workbook for every weekday containing about 10 worksheets, I would like to be able to end up with 'results' sheets for each week, month and eventually year,

Thanks again,


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