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'Linking' Text in Word 2000

By Shanghai Sam ·
Need to have answer by Tuesday May 7 at latest. This bunch of points will only be distributed to a FULLY working answer.

Have a word document complete with picture placeholders and page numbering.

The picture place holders need to be a full page by themselves (ie. blank page with page number at the bottom) and 'locked' in physical place on the page (ie if page 7 is a blank picture placeholder page it must stay page 7 AND blank with the exception of the page number at the bottom).

If more text is added prior to a picture placeholder page (PPP), the text closest to the PPP will flow to after the PPP (much like in Quark with linked text box pages surrounding a picture box page)
If text is removed prior to a PPP the text from immediately beyond the PPP will flow to prior to the picture.

Obviously this is better suited to InDesign or Quark, but that's not an option ...

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'Linking' Text in Word 2000

by expertpc In reply to 'Linking' Text in Word 20 ...

Any answers yet?

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'Linking' Text in Word 2000

by bchesmer In reply to 'Linking' Text in Word 20 ...
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by SixFourtyKilo In reply to 'Linking' Text in Word 20 ...

I would create an image that represents a place holder and then use section breaks to flow the text around the image. If the image was in one section and the text in another, the text would not interfere with placements. Similar to the way Publisher would work.

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