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Linking two DNS Servers

By kashmeir63 ·
I have two DNS Servers. Both running on Windows 2000 Server. They are both in different states. And they both work on their local lan. The networks are connected via a vpn through a firewall. I would like two have the two DNS Servers work together. I tried putting the IP Address of the other server in the forwarder tab and on the other DNS Server putting the other ip's address for the other DNS Server in, but it still did not work.
I hope I explained this correctly
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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by CG IT In reply to Linking two DNS Servers

first are the 2 servers FQDN within the same domain name space? or are they seperate domains not contained within the same forest? Second, are the 2 sites running Active Directory?

your statement "two DNS Servers work together" what exactly do you want them to do? DNS basically is name to IP address resolution so do you want the servers to act as a backup for each other providing DNS resolution? or what?

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by CG IT In reply to

DNS works in zones. You can have one zone with services the entire DNS space or divide your namespace into subdomains, with multiple zones. If you run Active Directory, AD hanles this stuff, which is why I asked if your running it.

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by burech1 In reply to Linking two DNS Servers

He is correct. Running Active Directory would best handle this. Obviously you're trying to make a wan and have the two networks be updated with one another.
And I think this question deserves more than 150 points. This is not an ordinary question for an ordinary end user. Although simple, it takes some background knowledge in computer administration.
I don't think you can simply put the ip address in the forwarder tab. You would also have to make one a Forwarder. There's a check box there somewhere to do this.

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