Linking two Netgear wireless Routers

By Bruce.epstein2 ·
Hello !

I own two wireless routers Netgear Model numbers: WPN824 v3 and a WNDR3300.

After searching the web and I cannot seem to find a satisfactory answer about linking these two together to expand my WiFi range.

I was wondering if you could help me, by providing step by step instructions on how to link them, configuration, how to wire, etc.?

I also have a couple of questions:

1.Can each communicate wirelessly or do they have to be hard wired together?

2.Is there a way to get a Wireless router to communicate with the PC, wirelessly?
Eliminating the cable?

3.How to I know that the routers are sending out their maximum signal?

FYI, I only have software for the WNDR3300 router. I cannot find the software CD for the WPN824 v3.

Any assistance will be appreciated.



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Have you actually bothered to switch these ON yet ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Linking two Netgear wirel ...

Sorry, but it strikes me as slightly odd that you have 2 wireless routers to "expand my WiFi range".

Yet you want to know "Is there a way to get a Wireless router to communicate with the PC, wirelessly?"

I suggest you try turning them on.

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Working on it

by pokpokpokak In reply to Linking two Netgear wirel ...

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for posting.
I replied just to let you know that I am working on an instruction how to solve your concern I'll provide step by step tutorial later.


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Step by Step Instruction

by pokpokpokak In reply to Linking two Netgear wirel ...

Hi Bruce,

As promised:

If you get confuse with the instructions.
Please let me know and i will assist further


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WPN824v3 doesn't support Wireless Bridging or Repeater mode

by BizIntelligence In reply to Linking two Netgear wirel ...

To extend Wirelless range both routers must support WDS (Wireless Distributed System) or WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) functions. Unfortunately, WPN824 v3 have neither of them as explained below:

Therefore, you won't be able to extend range by using that router.

But your other router WNDR3300 support both functions and can be configured as repeater or enable bridging with other WDS enabled router.

If you still want to try then you can try doing that by making WPN824v3 your access point
( and then configuring WNDR3300 in repeater mode as explained by other user or here

Good Luck !

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by WASYLBRYTAN In reply to WPN824v3 doesn't support ...

Config as wireless repeater mode

1.Login the administration web interface
2.Click on the advanced menu "Wireless Repeating Function" link.
3.Check the Enable Wireless Repeating Function box.
4.Select the Wireless Repeater option then enter the IP address you wish to assign to this repeater. (This IP has to be in the range of the Base Station and must not be conflicting with other IP on the network.)
5.Enter the MAC address of the Base Station under Base Station MAC Address field.
6.Click on Apply to save

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