Linking Wireless Routers to expand network

By astyper ·
I was curious if it were possible to link wireless routers together in a chain to expand the reach of a wireless network that is "chained" to a single modem (only one per household apparently).

Poking around on the forum, I have got the sense that there can be a "bridge mode" to be found in wireless routers (usually in the advanced options section)...

could anyone confirm / deny / provide a little more guidance...


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by rkuhn In reply to Linking Wireless Routers ...

The most commonly used wireless routers today such as D-Link, LinkSys, Netgear, etc won't support bridged mode. Especially the el cheapo modes (around $50 or less).

It is possible to chain the el cheapos together in a slightly different way but with limited usefulness. For example, you can wire two or more wireless routers together. The benefit there being converting the wireless signals into wired signals.

But, I know of no way with the el cheapos to bridge them wireless to wireless. Just wireless to wired.

You really need an access point for what you want to accomplish.

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by Churdoo In reply to Linking Wireless Routers ...

Yes there are wireless bridge devices (like this one,, and I've seen some of the SOHO wireless access points have a "bridge" mode which makes them act as a wireless bridge device.

I have used the above device personally and was shocked with the terrible throughput of the bridged wireless. To be fair, I didn't spend a whole lot of time troubleshooting, and maybe I could've tweaked it and got it to perform reasonably; I just bit the bullet and ran cat5e wire into the area. You just can't beat a physical connection.

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Wireless signal

by renegade462 In reply to Linking Wireless Routers ...

they sell a wireless repeater that will boost your signal around your house.

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WW-DRT for linux based routers

by byardedwards In reply to Linking Wireless Routers ...


If you have a linux OS based router, then reflashing with WW-DRT software will substantially increase its potential (including the addition of bridged mode)....The cost is very reasonable.....Wiki's are online to walk you through the steps...



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