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linking your webpage to a website

By helpneeded2 ·
like how do you write html to link to a website like for example i have my index.html and i want it to link to the validator page that says its a valid website but it doesnt work

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Get the instructions from W3C

by seanferd In reply to linking your webpage to a ...


But, I gotta tell ya, if you can't manage this, it is unlikely your HTML code is valid. You actually have to validate it. And if you had, you'd know something about what is wrong.

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cant get it right

by helpneeded2 In reply to Get the instructions from ...

but i cant get it to validate my page am i supose to type in the title of my page somewhere?

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RE: Validation

by PoppaTab In reply to cant get it right

Here is an excerpt from their F.A.Q.
How do I use this service?

Most probably, you will want to use the online Markup Validation service. The simple way to use this service to validate a Web page is to paste its address into the text area on the validator's home page, and press the "Check" button.

There are other possible uses and a few usage options, please read the user's manual for further help with this service.

If, for some reason, you prefer running your own instance of the Markup Validator, check out our developer's documentation.
You will need to supply an address to your page in order for the validation to work. If you have a test site to use; upload your page and put the URL in the space on the W3C site. Some internet srvice providers give you free space to have a web page with. If this is confusing; you will have to study a bit more about web pages and design.

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