Links don't work in Outlook (XP Pro, Outlook 2003, Firefox, IE

By inet32 ·
I recently started using Outlook 2003 and I'm pretty happy with it except that when I get email with embedded links they don't work. When I click on them nothing happens. But if I look in the HTML and extract the href and paste it into my browser they go right to the site (i.e. the links are valid)

My default browser is Firefox, and before someone says, "Outlook only works with IE", please note: Oulook's Help is also HTML with links and when I click on them they come up just fine - in Firefox!. So this problem only seems to apply to email messages.

Thanks in advance!

PS - I do have IE8 installed because I develop websites and I need it for testing, but I don't want it to be my default browser.

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RE: Links don't work in Outlook

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Links don't work in Outlo ...

Try this out:
Hover your mouse over the link in question and then press the "CTRL" key on your keyboard and then Left click with your mouse, this should get the link active.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Tried that

by inet32 In reply to RE: Links don't work in O ...

I should mentioned that I tried that already because that's how Word follows links (and it woks fine with my copy of Word - and goes to Firefox in my case). No luck in Outlook.

BTW, Googling this problem shows that it's VERY widely reported on the web but there doesn't seem to be any consistency in the answers people get.

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And if that doesn't work............

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Links don't work in Outlo ...

... Look to see if there is a colored header on the email itself which says 'links have been blocked, click here to make them active', or something like that.

You can turn off that built in security feature which prevents links from being active in emails, but please remember that it's never safe to click links in emails.

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by inet32 In reply to And if that doesn't work. ...

Nope - no such notices in this case.

Why is it any less secure to click on a link in an email message than on a website? People post links in these discussion forums all the time.

FWIW many of the emails I'm trying to follow links from are from TechRepublic notifying me of discussions that sound interesting. Others are from The Code Project or Facebook or from my wife and friends.

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A few more to try out for your Outlook issue...... :)

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Links don't work in Outlo ...

Web links in Outlook Express do not work

The gist is that the problem may be caused if you have installed another browser other than Internet Explorer on your system. This can include ISP providers that install their own version of browsers, including AOL, and Earthlink. The same effect can be felt if Netscape, Opera, and Mozilla Browsers are installed.

1.Outlook Express and Internet Explorer are very much apart of one another. If you change your default browser to anything but Internet Explorer, Outlook Express will go senile and links won't work.

2.Internet Explorer can be reset and "repaired". Once this is done, hyperlinks accessibility in Outlook Express should be restored.

Update your Internet Explorer via Windows Update:
This should reset Internet Explorer and will ask you to set it as the default -- choose yes when prompted. Next, ensure your emails are set to HTML in Outlook Express. From within Outlook Express 6: click Tools -> Options -> Read, and make sure "plain text" is NOT selected. And lastly, keep in mind that Hyper Links will not function if you are composing an email -- only when reading received mail.

Click Start -> Run, and then type in 'REGSVR32 URLMON.DLL' (without the quotes). You should then have a dialog box telling you that the procedure was completed "

Load Internet Explorer; click: Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs Tab. Next, click Reset Web Settings, and Make sure to also uncheck "reset my home page" check box. Finally, go to Advanced tab and click Restore Defaults.
These two steps will re-write the proper registry settings and the 'Click On Links' function in your mail program should again work fine.

Go to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs and choose Internet Explorer; select Remove Program. You are then offered the option to Repair Internet Explorer; select Repair and reboot when the routine is finished.

OLEXP: How to Configure Outlook Express to Open Links in E-mail Messages in a New Browser Window;en-us;256953

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Once again.... That's Outlook EXPRESS.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to A few more to try out for ...

.... Those directions MAY not apply at all to OUTLOOK.

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Already read that, - not using IE or Express

by inet32 In reply to A few more to try out for ...

Your response is just a quote from the Microsoft support forum, which I already read. Its whole assumption is that Outlook (Express, in the example you quoted, but I'm not using Express) has a special relationship with IE. But I'm not using IE as my default Browser, and as I pointed out in my OP, my Outlook already respects Firefox as my default browser because its Help links all bring up Firefox.

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It's a Junk Mail Setting!

by ejtaylor In reply to Links don't work in Outlo ...

Hi Guys --

I went nuts with this link problem for a week. I did all the regsrv stuff and other suggestions around the net and nothing worked. Then I stumbled onto this Outlook menu option checkbox:

"Don't turn on links in messages that might connect to unsafe or fraudulent sites. To help protect your security, we recommend that you leave this check box checked."

Outlook 2003 comes from the factory with this option checked, of course. They recommend it, right? As soon as I UN-checked it, my Outlook links started working. I didn't even have to restart Outlook.

In Outlook 2003 it's here: Actions|Junk E-Mail|Junk E-Mail Options|Options Tab. Uncheck the last item on that page.

You can also find it if you right click on an email in your inbox. Then it's Junk E-Mail|Junk E-Mail Options|Options Tab.

There are no warning messages about it when you click on links; and I also haven't found anything about it after many, many internet searches.

So for anyone having problems with links in Outlook not opening in browser windows, try this first -- especially if it's a new installation of Outlook 2003.

I just about tore my computer apart and it turns out it was only this one stupid checkbox. Thanks again, Bill, Microsoft, etc.

I'm not going to have time to publicize this fix, but I'll post it here and hope other members will help spread the word.

I know this comes a little late, but I hope it helps, inet32 --


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Reponse To Answer

by dtodhunt2000 In reply to It's a Junk Mail Setting!

You sir, are a genius! I'm not a tech person at all, just a homemaker who does a little work from home. I had this problem after a Windows auto update. I, too, tried everything I could think of and quite a bit of what someone else thought of. Nothing worked. After working my way through several Google search results, your post finally solved my problem. Thank you, thank you!!

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Install IE8

by ejtaylor In reply to Links don't work in Outlo ...

Try these. I posted about #1 yesterday, but also needed #2 today:

1. Check this email setting in Outlook 2003: Actions|Junk E-Mail|Junk E-Mail Options|Options Tab and then look at the last checkbox. More here:

2. Install IE8 from Safe Mode. I know, sounds like nothing, but it fixed a whole bunch of link and urlmon.dll-related errors that were driving me nuts and crippling my programs.

I didn't have IE8 installed, but if you do, try uninstalling it as completely as possible. Then do the reinstall. This tip saved me from having to do a clean re-install and losing a bunch of data and work.

Good luck

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