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    Linksys DSL/Cable router/firewall


    by kwflick ·

    I have a Linksys BEFSR11 – EtherFast 1-Port Cable/DSL Router and I would like to know just how secure it is. There are no logging capabilities on it, but when my IP is pinged from outside the builtin firewall does not respond. There are a few websites that I have used to test my firewall, but I still am not satisfied. Are there any issues concerning this router and PC security? Is it really secure? Should I run a software based firewall along with it on my PC?

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      Linksys DSL/Cable router/firewall

      by otto3 ·

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      I don’t know any specific issues with your router, it’s relatively new. As far as I heard, it provides a pretty good protection. Depending on your network and what you need to protect, you might want to use Zone Alarm from in tandem with your router. For small businesses a commercial firewall would be a better choice, especially if the network has sensitive information.


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      Linksys DSL/Cable router/firewall

      by bart777 ·

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      I have the 4 port version. It provides very good protection by default withlittel configuration. I had a friend try to get to any of my machines from the outside and he could not until I put one of them in the DMZ. All but the necesary ports are turned off by default. (This can also be a pain if you want to use netmeeting or play games online though. Some sites still do not work with NAT.) It never hurts to have an extra level of security, but I think that you may not need it unless you start opening other ports.
      best of luck.

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