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Linksys Product

By kevin203 ·
Any comment on Linksys product after its a part of the Cisco Systems?

It sound that it become more powerful than before.

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by djent In reply to Linksys Product

support stinks!

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i like it

by hbchad In reply to Linksys Product

i put wireless in a 3 story 30 bedroom fraternity house at the university of mississippi. They were on a tight budget so i decided to try linksys (i had it at home and liked it) two linksys 802.11b APs serve 48 clients running all sorts of p2p software and suprisingly enough they can all access the internet fairly quickly (we have fiber from the university...but the APs do a good job). They were under $100 each and function almost as well as the commercial lucent equipment i've installed elsewhere. I also am using a linksys router at another site- 80+ users on 100mb ethernet running DHCP. It works great - has been in place for almost 3 years now. Cheapest equipment i've ever bought that actually works well.

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Dangerous but interesting

by Chris.. In reply to Linksys Product

Sorry I can't spell for crap today... but I think Cisco now has a lead into the lower cost home networking market with owning Linksys. I'd hope they would use the TAC support model and keep improving the actual device management software and hey even migrate/adopt that same software for their lower end "CISCO" branded devices.

Seriously this is a crap shoot. I honestly think that adding the CISCO name to Linksys marketing matierial will greatly help the sales of Linksys devices but at the same time I'm betting we'll see Netgear (formerly Bay Networks if I remember correctly) sales go up a wee bit, and that isn't a bad thing Netgear is making a quality product these days!!

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