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By conjh13 ·
We're looking to add some workstations to our 100mbs Ethernet LAN, and we're looking for some low-cost NICs. So far the best prices we've found have been for Linksys brand products, and we're wondering just how good and reliable their products are. Any input would be appreciated, whether positive or negative.

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by TPrinzo In reply to Linksys products

Have been useing Linksys products for about 2 1/2 years including NICs without any headaches. I think I had 1 maybe 2 cards that I had to replace.

Hope the info helps

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Ditto, plus

by eBob In reply to

I have been using Linksys on my home network (only 4 systems) for a couple of years with no problems.

I would strongly recommend, that for a business, you find a supplier from whom you can buy a whole big bix full of whatever NICs you want to "standardise". Then you can standardise easily.

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On the other hand...

by eBob In reply to Ditto, plus

...and there is always "another hand"...

Those nice cheap NICs, typified by LinkSYS, do not necessarily provide wome of the features some businesses like to have: especially remote management. If that is important to your organisation, then you will have to go more "up-scale".

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When cost is a factor...

by admin In reply to Linksys products

I generally use Linksys. I have routers, switches, hubs and NICs that are Linksys running right now at various location. Support has been really good. Readily available drivers, and the one time I used their tech support, I was really happy with it.I felt it exceeded support at some even larger brands.
If your budget is small, I would consider them. I use their products daily and am quite happy- they have been extremely reliable over time for me.

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Linksys Problems....

by George_A In reply to When cost is a factor...

I have used Linksys products for years and like them. My only problem was with the WAP11 and upgrading the firmware. During the course of the upgrade I fried 7 WAP11's, the last 6 were done step by step with Linksys on the phone. I later found out that the Firmware Update was really a Beta and that they were having myriad problems with it.
As long as you aren't using the WAP11 as a Wireless Gateway, Linksys is a good choice if their product fulfills your companies needs.

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