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    Linksys Router connected through ISP device

    by avalancheaway ·


    I thought I would start off with a question I have about an issue I am facing. I am living out of the country some times of the year and I find that I need my VPN to be used in order to get full access to all the Internet services I am used to when I live in the United States.

    The ISP here uses a Huawei HG8245H5 router. That router is a router that connects directly to a fiber optic cable from the street then it converts it to Ethernet. It has 4 switch ports on the back of the device and two antennas.

    I connected a Linksys BEFVP41 VPN router to it. I had to connect my computer directly to the Linksys to configure it at first so I could put it into the same subnet as the switch ports on the Huawei.

    The ideal setup would be Fiber Optic from Street>>>>>ISPs Huawei modem/router>>>>>Huawei switch port>>>>>Ethernet Cable>>>>Linksys Internet Port>>>>>Linksys switch port/ports >>>>>Ethernet cable/cables>>>>Computer or Roku or Smart TV.

    The Apple TV has settings to allow you to put in a proxy and then you could use one of those DNS services that will change your I.P. address before sending your communications to the streaming service such as “Netflix” or “CBS All Access”, But the Roku has no such ability. So even without using VPN encryption technology my thought was that I could use the Linksys to be the device to set up a proxy server address on, and then the Roku could be used also. Both the AppleTV and The Roku could be hidden behind a USA based proxy. I would not even need to configure the proxy inside the AppleTVs Proxy settings. They would both be behind the Linksys. But my concern is that with the Linksys behind the ISPs Huawei WiFi modem/router/device. Is it possible to set up the Linksys for a USA based proxy server? With those settings; will the ISPs modem/router interfere with that?

    But this is not what I originally came online in this discussion group for. So at this point what I have learned is that what I need to do is:

    1). Make the Linksys Switchports to be in a different subnet than the switchports of the Internet of the Linksys and/or switchports on the ISPs Huawei router.

    2). I will just have to do configurations via a direct Ethernet cable connection to the Linksys and not through the WiFi of the Huawei because the subnets will be different anyway.

    But if you have any ideas other than me Paying for a Smart DNS service, I would like to hear them.

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