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Linksys router drops internet connection

By bfeltus ·
I am sharing the internet with 5 workstations. The isp is sbc. The dsl modem is a speedstrean 5100. The router is a linksys befvp41 with dhcp enabled. "I have a switch (linksys sd205) connecting the workstations to the router. No fileserver is involved. Using PPPoE.

The internet connection keeps dropping. If I power off the router and modem, the internet comes back. Any suggestions. Keep alive is 30 seconds. Thank You.

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linksys routers

by jhlamothe In reply to Linksys router drops inte ...

Linksys and Belkin have updates available at teir respective website for this problem.

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If the updates do not work, try

by w2ktechman In reply to Linksys router drops inte ...

putting in a UPS, you may have bad power on that outlet.

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Linksys WRT54G Same Problem

by Willie11 In reply to Linksys router drops inte ...

I have the same problem with my WRT54G. I just have to power off the router (not the modem). It is connected to APC battery backup power. When it happens I cannot connect to internet, other computers on network or to the router setup screens. I get this about once a week.

Any suggestions?

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by Magic Alex In reply to Linksys WRT54G Same Probl ...

If your downloading torrents or running a peer to peer file sharing application these can cause a router to choke simply because they cannot handle an excessive number of connections connecting through the router at the same time. Once it reaches it's limit most routers reboot themselves but in some cases cease to function without a proper reboot.
This happened a lot to my old router, to avoid this i set a maximum number of connections in my file sharing program's options for uploading and downloading to around 50ish (can probably be a lot more but I set it low to be on the safe side).

Torrents are especially bad for this as they can have 1000+ active connections if your downloading/uploading a popular file

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Similar situation

by travellingpolander In reply to torrents/p2p

Here we got a Speedstream 5100 Ethernet ADSL Modem that's directly connected to a Linksys WRT160N. The Linksys Wireless-N/switch is connected to a series of D-Link/Linksys switches.

I've noticed that around 930am to 230pm, the internet drops. Torrent downloading probably. What do you think?

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by Jay217 In reply to Similar situation

Does it drop consistantly? or just really slow down?

Have you been able to pin point where the failure is? What do you have to reboot to clear the problem? Or does it just go away?

This could be an issue with your provider, since your looking at the height of the business day they may be getting stressed on your connection.

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I would say

by Dumphrey In reply to Linksys router drops inte ...

the router is getting over loaded. Those routers are really only good for two or three machines unless all they do is email.

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Upgrade the router

by Jay217 In reply to Linksys router drops inte ...

Try upgrading to one of the newer WRT wireless Ns. Or if you have another router laying around try swapping it out.

If you see the same things happening you may have a bad modem from SBC.

If you are leasing it from them you should be able to get it replaced easily.

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Static or dynamic IP on modem router?

by H3LPU In reply to Linksys router drops inte ...

At home I got this happening aswell. It is cheaper to have a dynamic ip adress connection from the ISP for DSL service. So with the combination of all computers (4) always on, connect to a LinkSys WRT54GS that connects to a Slipstream 5100 modem/router, the connection breaks weekly. Putting the modem router off and on again solves the problem. Setting up the computers connected to the 54GS via mac addresses keeps the connections live for 2-3 weeks at a time. A simple on and off on the modem/router still solves the problem. So this usually happens when the IP address renews itself on the modem/router from the ISP, so the ultimate fix is to get a modem/router from the ISP that has 5 or 10 ports built into it with a static IP or, put the modem/router on and off when the ISP refreshes the DHCP address from the ISP DHCP server. See the Netopia Wi-Fi Business Router Model 3347, from the (4ports+wi-fi) or put the modem/router on and off occasionally. Thanks for the other replies, always helpful with troubleshooting.

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droping connection windstream DSL & router

by jvise In reply to Static or dynamic IP on m ...

I have several customers with this same issue. It does not matter if there is 2 computers of 10 it still drops the connection. To get the internet back up I am having to unplug the power to both DSL modem and router for 30 seconds and then plug them back in.
There is no certain time this occurs.
I have changed routers, I have upgraded the firmware to the routers with no long term fix.
I can do away with the router and run 1 PC through the DSL modem and do not have any trouble.
Still trying to figure out why this is occuring

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