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Linksys Router trouble

By jmarchetto ·
OOPS... is how I have to start this one off, because it was my fault. I was in the process of relocating my home network and accidentally swapped the power cords with my Linksys router (BEFW11S4) and my Motorola Cable Modem. The cable modem runs on 12v, the router 5v. The swap did no damage to the cable modem (b/c it was under voltage), but the router "Diag" light is constantly on (it was exposed to the overvoltage).

First I unplugged it (after it was plugged in for a good hour) and let it cool down (thinking maybe it had thermal protection, b/c the sucker was hot, but didn't smell like anything melted). This didn't work.

I then tried the reset button (holding it in for 30 seconds while the router was on). Still no luck.

My XP Pro computer does still recognize when plug & unplug the patch cable from the router. The Cable Modem's activity light does not flicker when it is connected to the router (but the rest of the lights light up displaying the modem is functioning properly. I am currently connected directly to the cable modem to send this question (so the cable modem works fine).

Please let me know if you think this is permanent damage or something that can be fixed. Looks like it is time to color code the plugs so this doesn't happen again (my previous cable modem didn't have the same size plug so I could never make this mistake).

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by TheChas In reply to Linksys Router trouble

IF the router was plugged into the 12 volt supply for more than a few minutes, I think it's time for a new router.

But first, a couple of things that you can check.
Is the 5 volt supply for the router a regulated 5 volts?
Or a 5 volt "nominal" supply?

You can check it with a voltmeter.
If the output reads 5 volts DC with nothing connected, it is regulated.

If the unloaded voltage reads above 8 volts, then there is some hope.

If the power supply delivers more than 8 volts, there may be a voltage regulator inside the router that can be replaced by a knowledgeable technician.

If the power supply reads a steady 5 volts, then the electronics in the router is directly powered by the supply. And, YES your router is likely toast.

The fact that the router was VERY hot leads me to believe that the router is toast.
Even though parts of the electronics look to be alive, all it takes is one bad semiconductor junction to cause the entire router to not function.

If the router is still under warranty, it would not hurt to contact Linksys and see if they will repair / replace it.

If it is out of warranty, it would not hurt to get ahold of an electronics technician and open up the router to see if there are any visibly damaged parts.


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by jmarchetto In reply to

Thanks Chas. For the price of these now (39 after rebate at Best Buy, Circuit City & Office Depot) I will probably look toward getting a new one if the warranty isn't still good. (My experience with electronic technicians is it will probably run more then a new one would cost).

I might even just dtop the $59 (after rebate) and upgrade to "g" technology (especially since it is compatible with all my currnet "b" equipement).

Thanks again.

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by LMon In reply to Linksys Router trouble

you fried the router. the good thing is that if your router is under a year you probably are still under warranty. you can call linksys explain to them that the router seems to be fried. they will trouble shoot it will attempt to troubleshoot with you and give you an rma to replace the router. just dont let them know that it was your fault.

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by jmarchetto In reply to

Thanks for the input, I'll have to look into the warrenty info.

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by jmarchetto In reply to Linksys Router trouble

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