Linksys Routers Stop serving DHCP , on wireless network

By rmorgan ·
I have a wireless network at an aprtment complex. I am serving internet to about three hundred clients. I have these setup in 4 differant zones with linksys firewalls programed with a static public adress's on outside of each firewall and a network setup with on the first firewall serving IP address's through DHCP to about 50-75 people. Each firewall is setup with a differant IP scheme,,, and
subnets all are

what is happening maybe twice a day is that the firewall stops serving IP address's. ONce i reboot the firewall it starts working again.

any ideals?

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Well at a rough guess

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Linksys Routers Stop serv ...

I would imagine that a high usage on the mains is causing the routers to stop working correctly. They are getting a severe ripple or surge when there is a drain on the mains in the area that they are in and they are effectively Browning Out.

I would suggest a cheap UPS placed on each of these to prevent this from happening should cure your current problem.


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Have you looked at your address table

by Zen37 In reply to Linksys Routers Stop serv ...

The linksys keeps track or which device has which address. Have you looked at your device's list to see if it is fully used? Multiple addresses can be assigned to the same machine if that machine keeps asking for a new address instead of renewing the old one it had. That can eat up your address pool in a hurry. When you reboot the device, you effectively reset the list and it starts all over from scratch.

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Known Linksys Bug

by TBBrick In reply to Linksys Routers Stop serv ...

I had a Linksys router which would sieze for no reason at all. Power off/on and hey presto, it would work fine again. After switching to a Netgear ProSafe, I found out that Linksys devices have a nasty trick of losing their own MAC addresses which of course is reset when you reboot. Betcha your wireless is having the same issue.

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