Linksys RV082 VPN Issues

By brian ·
I have configured a linkysys rv082 router for vpn countless times and many different ways. Each time I have configured it, we can not get it to connect. The router has an internal static addy of 167.182.x.x and has been configured to the network as needed. We can ping the router inside the network so we know it is working. We were able to get it working using PPTP, but this will not suffice for us b/c it only has the capability of having 5 different users logged on at one time. By adding VPN users and configuring quick vpn by linksys and adding the correct certificate to the quick vpn software folder, still can not connect to the VPN (when trying to ping the router from the outside, it will not respond with it setup as client to gateway vpn but will respond with PPTP). With PPTP enabled the VPN works fine. I have tried calling Linksys/CISCO small business support, but they can not figure out why it won't work with VPN, and we have tried two different RV082's (sadly it is their own product that they can't figure out and get working). Does anybody out there have any ideas?

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