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    Linksys VPN router connectivity to ISP router

    by avalancheaway ·


    I thought I would start off with a question I have about an issue I am facing. I am living out of the country some times of the year and I find that I need my VPN to be used in order to get full access to all the Internet services I am used to when I live in the United States.

    The ISP here uses a Huawei HG8245H5 router. That router is a router that connects directly to a fiber optic cable from the street then it converts it to Ethernet. It has 4 switch ports on the back of the device and two antennas.

    I connected a Linksys BEFVP41 VPN router to it. I had to connect my computer directly to the Linksys to configure it at first so I could put it into the same subnet as the switch ports on the Huawei.

    Now when I connect my computer using Wifi to the Huawei; I can now login to the Linksys user configuration GUI interface.

    When it was successful; it was because I had the Linksys connected to the Huawei through one of the Linksys switch ports.

    But that is not how it has to be connected. The Huawei is the source of the Internet for the LAN, so I need the Huawei to be connected from one of the Huawei switch ports to the Linksys “Internet Port”; not a Linksys switch port.

    Does anyone have any idea why it won’t connect through the Linksys Internet Port, but I can connect via the Linksys switch ports? Is there configuration setting that must be set on the Linksys and or the Huawei that must be set.

    The ideal setup would be Fiber Optic from Street>>>>>Huawei router>>>>>Huawei switch port>>>>>Ethernet Cable>>>>Linksys Internet Port>>>>>Linksys switch port/ports >>>>>Ethernet cable/cables>>>>Computer or Roku or Smart TV.

    I have narrowed down the problem to the connection between the Huawei and the Linksys. It is some configuration in one or both of them. It has nothing to do with the other devices at this point, because I never even connected those devices yet. There’s no point in doing that if I cannot get the Huawei to connect to the Linksys Internet Port.

    Thanks for your help. I appreciate any ideas that will help fix this situation short of having to buy new equipment.

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