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Linksys Wireless configs

By bwilliams ·
I have three linksys ap's I want to link them together. The first is linked to my wirless router(no problem there) the other two I want to link to the first ap. They all need to be dynamically addressed.

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by CG IT In reply to Linksys Wireless configs

humm 3 linksys routers and you want to connect them together. You will create 3 networks.

router 1 obtains it's WAN interface address mask and gateway from a DHCP server it's connected to [or if an ISP provides static info, that info]. Router 2 the assumption is that it's WAN interface is connected to the LAN interface of router 1 and obtains it's WAN interface IP, mask and gateway from router 1 DHCP server. Router 3 can connect to either router 1 or router 2's LAN and obtain it's WAN interface IP, mask and gateway from either router 1 or router 2 DHCP.

in any case, you have 3 seperate networks [subnets]

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by Chorito In reply to Linksys Wireless configs

What do you mean by linked? Is your 1st AP a repeater for w-router? What model of the Linksys do u have?

With the new ones...
If what you want to achieve is to have all the AP repeat the signal of the wireless router then just set all the AP to be repeaters. Should be an option in the AP settings.

Any other settings will segment your network and you will have to have the AP hardwired for your clients to have wireless access.

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by hozcanhan In reply to Linksys Wireless configs

you configure the first as AP with Clients ...You configure the other two as AP without clients or as Repeater . In the remote AP mac address entry you give the first APs mac. and in the first AP which was configured as a multipoint AP with clients you give the macs of the two repeaters.

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